I’ll let you in one of my little secrets.

Miss Hobbyist has been up since 2015 but I have never had the chance to fully commit to it — yet. You see, three years have passed and this site is still where it used to be as when it started.

So this season, I am pledging more of my lull (during non-work days that is) time into making this more of an abode of all my creative ideas.

Here are some of the creative projects that I have in mind that I plan to share with all of you in the coming weeks:

  1. Easy DIY – Halloween Costume
  2. How to Celebrate Thanksgiving sans the Turkey
  3. Smell the Christmas Spirit through DIY room mists and linen sprays


xo –



Hi! I am glad that you have found Miss Hobbyist!

You see this blog is an ode to my creative dreams that have yet to come true. I’m in my early late twenties and I work full time in a multinational company as an account manager. Just like most people my age, I have recently caught the bug of starting something out of pure passion, something one would gladly do in during one’s free time — a side hustle some would say. I am certain though that MH is something more than that.

MH for me signifies possibilities and the courage to go after your head’s wildest imagination. And for me, that means going after my dream to be an interior designer whilst working full time to save to fund the course’s tuition. I know it will not happen overnight but with MH I hope to ease the wait time. Hope you follow me with my journey, cheers!

For Miss Hobbyist, life is nothing but a creative pursuit.